Entry Security Systems are based in Plymouth and we operate all throughout the South West. We specialise in access control and offer installation, repair and maintenance services for all of our products. Access control systems we offer include: intercom systems, keypad entry systems, GSM entry systems, card/fob entry systems.

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The Benefits of Access Control Systems

Access control systems are an absolute must have within the business industry in order to maintain a high level of office and site security to unauthorised personnel. You can’t have any old stranger wandering into your business and snooping through doors that hold sensitive data and that’s where our access control systems enter the picture.

Intercom systems are very common for office blocks and company headquarters, incorporating mainly audio access technology, but also video technology when suitable – if required. They allow the company to give access to any potential visitors, whilst at the same time making the company owner or staff aware of who’s entering and exiting the building. Intercom systems are a simple and effective form of public entry identification.

Keypad entry systems are mostly an internal form of door security, replacing the need for keys and cards, saving the hassle if the aforementioned items have been lost or stolen. They’re frequently installed for business use where confidentiality is a requirement; however, due to advances in technology and ease of access they’ve now found their way into home use and offer a brilliant method of protection for your door, which may contain personal and sensitive information. Our keypad entry systems are durable and will last through everyday use, and as well as being easy to install, in the event of damage or malfunction, they can be repaired in little time due to being built with low maintenance in mind.

GSM entry systems (Global System for Mobile communication) work as a sim card and allow gate and intercom access through the use of a phone call registered to the device. GSM systems remove the need for key cards and fobs, and offer a secure and rapid method of access to secure areas. As they’re operated on a number entry basis, in the event of problem or security risk the number can simply be deleted, keeping your site secure. They can be installed for the use of doors, gates, garages and more.

A key card or fob entry system is a brilliant method of access control and really highlight the benefits of installing your building with access control systems to prevent theft and provide assured high level security. With the use of a key card or fob access system the days of losing keys and facing major security problems are long gone. Key cards and fobs can be used via an electric access control system and in the event that they are lost, or even stolen, then they can be deactivated to prevent unauthorised access and any breach of security measures.


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