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Entry Security Systems are based in Plymouth and we operate all throughout the South West. We specialise in access control and offer installation, repair and maintenance services for all of our products. Access control systems we offer include: intercom systems, keypad entry systems, GSM entry systems, card/fob entry systems.

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The Benefits of Gates

There are benefits for both sliding and swing gates and it comes down to what would be best suited for the situation and your gate requirements. Both have their positives and negatives. Swing gates require less repair and maintenance and this is largely due to the fact that they are built up of less moving parts compared with a sliding gate, which requires more parts due to its additional complexity. Sliding gates are also built on a moving track that needs to be maintained in order to function properly, making the swing gate a more attractive and simpler solution for the average owner. You’ll also find sliding gates lean more towards the noisier side of things as opposed to the quieter, more common swing gate.

Although a swing gate is often considered the more viable option for most purposes, it doesn’t offer some advantages found in the sliding gate and has problems of its own. Sliding gates are perfect for the situation where a swing gate wouldn’t have enough room to fully operate, whether there’s a natural blockage in terms of the landscape such as rocks or a wall, or something else preventing the space needed for an effective swing gate. Because of their light and simple build, a swing gate could be less sturdy than that of sliding gate, which consists of a more complex and expensive build. Tracked sliding gates are electric and offer high security making them the ideal form of protection to your business or property. They can also be manually operated in the event of a power failure making them secure and reliable even if something should go wrong. Cantilever sliding gates are different from tracked in the sense that they are elevated meaning they do not require a track, cutting down on the maintenance required.


Sliding gates (tracked & cantilever).


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