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Entry Security Systems are based in Plymouth and we operate all throughout the South West. We specialise in industrial doors and offer installation, repair and maintenance services for all of our products. Industrial door products we offer include: roller shutter doors, sectional doors, high speed doors, fire roller doors and insulated roller shutter doors.

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The Benefits of Industrial Doors

The benefits of roller shutter doors are mainly to provide quality protection and assurance to your property or business; whether it’s as simple as keeping the rain and wind out from damaging your property or something more serious in the form of preventing and deterring criminal activity such as: trespassing, vandalism or burglary. It’s common to see roller shutter doors in schools, garages, warehouses and business properties that may be exposed to the dangers listed above.

Roller shutter doors can also come in the form of insulated roller shutter doors, which provide extra protection against weather and noise, and are designed to keep the property warm and safe; they’re often seen as a must have for storage facilities where secure maintenance is a requirement.

Sectional doors offer a wider passage space and minimise the space they use, as well as being weather proof, making them the ideal choice for home storage such as a garage.

High speed doors have a rapid reply making them perfect for all-day use, saving users both time and the energy used to maintain them.

High speed doors help maintain high levels of company productivity and are mostly considered within an industrial setting due to their ease of use and security.



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