Traffic barriers

Traffic Barriers

Entry Group are based in Plymouth and we operate all throughout Devon. We specialise in traffic barriers and offer installation, repair and maintenance services for all of our products. Traffic barriers we offer include: car park traffic barriers, road bollards and road blockers.

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The Benefits of Traffic Barriers

Traffic barriers offer great security to block off unauthorised personnel from accessing a certain area or site. They’re commonly seen in car parks and business sites as an added security measure and method of control. Car park traffic barriers are solely designed for the purpose of controlling the flow of incoming and outgoing traffic within the car park, and as point of security during closed hours in order to prevent unwarranted access. Car park traffic barriers are vital when concerned with a car park that has frequent public access in order to ensure safety and clear instructions for the incoming traffic and any pedestrians around the site area – they can come in the form of either a rising arm barrier or automated, offering full control of incoming and outgoing traffic.

Road bollards provide an important contribution to road safety, both towards pedestrians and traffic. It’s a method of accident prevention and a way of displaying clear signs of traffic control; they’re crucial to a safe and secure environment where public access is frequent throughout the day.

There are a few considerations that need to be made when considering your use of Road Bollards. A thought towards traffic flow in the relevant area is important as this will determine what type of Road Bollard you want to install and whether or not it is applicable to the site targeted. For example: do you need to corner off a section to limit vehicle access where pedestrians and bus lanes frequently occupy, or as extra security enforcement?

The most common use of road bollards and blockers is installation within city centres where the population is often at its highest point. At Entry Group we look to ensure and meet your requirements as best we can with the aim of achieving the most viable solution. Our road bollards are sturdy and weather resistant and require very little maintenance; however, should they need attending, this is something we can also carry out as quickly as possible using our 24 hour service.


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Traffic Barriers
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